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A Letter to the Anxious

  Hi everyone! I had this plan to do a reflection about 2021 and talk about my 2022 goals (yes I know it's March) but I felt this call on my heart to write this post instead. I know I haven't updated in a while but I have been going through a REALLY TOUGH SEASON and I have been dealing with anxiety and depression. So I wanted to write a letter to everyone who is going through a tough time right now 💕. To those of you who don't have everything figured out yet, who feel like they are in a constant state of anxiety, and feel like they are the tortoise and everyone else feels hundreds of miles ahead.  YOU ARE DOING JUST FINE 🤗 IN FACT YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!!! YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED SO MANY BEAUTIFUL THINGS! You might be second-guessing that statement. Your brain might be counteracting that statement with a lot of thoughts of comparison. But everyone is on their own unique journey and we all have our own paths to take. Some might be straight and lead us to where we would like t

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